9 Important Roofing Tips You Need to Know

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9 Important Roofing Tips You Need to Know

Check out these 9 important roofing tips you must know in getting a better and secured home

Roofs are the most neglected yet one of the critical components of a home, and you as the homeowner should always be ahead in making sure your family is secured and safe in unforeseeable events such as the latest hail and windstorm. 

While most roofing systems have a lifespan of up to 20 to 25 years, regular inspections of at least twice a year are still recommended to make sure your family is well protected. 

At Crazy Horse Roofing, we help you have a regular roofing inspection to help you have a comfortable and secured home for your family. 

Roofing Tip #1. Get a Roof Assessment Before Buying a Home

Have your roof professionally inspected before closing the deal. This process helps you save time, money, and avoid paying a large sum of money caused by roof leaks- or worse, a roof replacement! 

Get it professionally checked by no other than Northern Colorado’s top choice for roof repairs and replacement and never buy a home with a faulty roof again.

Roofing Tip #2. Check and Trim Back Trees 

Trees give a fresh approach to a house. It can be a landmark for some, especially for decade age ones. However, some trees have leaning and overhanging branches that scratch and scrape your roof, causing big damages to your shingles. If you see a tree that is nearing your roof, maybe it’s the right time for a little trimming on its branches. 

Roofing Tip #3. Avoid Clogging Your Gutter System

You can avoid clogging your gutter system by cleaning the leaves and other debris that blocks and caused water build-up on your attic, living spaces, or even behind the covering boards. 

To have a free-flowing drainage system, cleaning and getting a roof inspection at least twice a year is recommended. 

Only trust and get recommendations from the roofing experts!

At Crazy Horse Roofing, we are committed to providing you with a quality inspection and give insights about the possible causes of the roofing problems and the recommended actions, like repair or replacement. 

Roofing Tip #4. Always Check Your Ventilation System

It is important to let your roof, breathe. 

Getting a professionally installed ventilation system saves you time and money. Avoid the additional heating and cooling costs by inspecting your ventilation at least twice a year (Ideally during spring and fall).

Roofing Tip #5. Have Layers of Insulation

To make sure your air is circulating properly, have a sufficient layer of insulation on the floor. It helps protect your home against moisture rising into the attic, unwanted temperature, and strong winds. 

Roofing Tip #6. Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected after Hail or Storm 

Often than not, the latest hail and a strong windstorm damage our roofing system. Have it professionally checked and get recommendations from roofing experts to make sure roof repairs or replacements will be well taken care of.

Are you in need of help in submitting your insurance claims? 

Worry not! Crazy Horse Roofing is here to help you to make your insurance claim process easier. 

Talk to our roofing specialists today, and we will help you in getting it process seamlessly.   

Roofing Tip #7. Clean Your Roof Regularly!

Yup- The roof also needs caring and cleaning. If you noticed your roofs with molds, algae’s, fungus, or anything unpleasant streaking on your roof, have it soft-washed. These bacteria’s, when left unattended can shorten the lifespan of your roof. 

Roofing Tip #8. Check for Roof Damages

The roof protects our family from unwanted heat, cold, pests, and other unwelcome factors from outside our houses. Daily exposure also leads to wear and tear leaving shingles gets easily dilapidated which causes roof leaking and rotting. Prevent this from happening by getting a regular roof inspection for shingle damages or any signs of roof repair or replacement to stop other components from being contaminated especially in vulnerable areas within the living room. 

Roofing Tip #9. Have a Quality Roof Inspection and Recommendation

To make sure your whole family is secured and protected from whatever unwanted circumstances outside the house that might arise, it is important to have your roof inspected by experts and skilled roof specialists. 

Let your roof be inspected and get recommendations only from the experts! 

Above all, Crazy Horse roofing only wants you to feel safe, comfortable and secured at the comfort of your home. 

Have your roof inspected for free today! Call Northern Colorado’s top choice roofer at (970) 397-5306 or contact us online and our Crazy Horse Roofing roof specialists will professionally inspect and give you an appropriate recommendation for your roofing needs.  

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