4 Best Roof Shingle Colors (How Can It Transform Your Home?)

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4 Best Roof Shingle Colors (How Can It Transform Your Home?)

Did you know that roof colors are reflectors of the sun’s rays? Choosing the right roof shingle colors is not just about aesthetics. Choosing the right roof color has its benefits that can be both pleasing in the eyes and your pockets. 

Today, the Crazy Horse Roofing team will help you decide the roof shingle color that will match your house and style, blend well within the neighborhood, suit various weather conditions, and get the single most perfect shingle colors for your next roof.  

1. Roof Shingle Colors that Matches the Style & Design of Your House 

The best color combination for your roof shingle color, siding and house is important to boost your curb appeal and ensure that colors won’t clash with each other.

Choosing the right shingle colors can be a tough decision to make, once you start– it’s hard to go back.

Here are some suggested roof shingle colors that your should consider:

  • Black or Dark Colored Shingles – These colors work best in locations with colder weather temperatures because it absorbs more heat, causing the snow to melt fast. Dark Roof Shingle Colors also draw more attention. They are more eye-catching and creates more dimension and texture that is visually appealing for your home’s design.
  • Light-colored Asphalt Shingles – Light color roofs provide a brighter and cooler home interior and environment. Unlike dark hues, light-colored roof shingle colors do not look heavy especially for houses with high-pitch roofs. 
  • Shades of Grey, Brown, or Green – These colors blend harmoniously with natural environments of forests, ocean, and the sea and one of the classic favorites. 

2. Roof Shingle Colors That Get Multiple Glances from Your Neighbors 

Aside from your landscape and garden, you can also add value to your land property through its roof. Whether you are planning on staying in it permanently or have plans on selling it, go for a shingle color that is neutral and will be timeless over the years. When choosing the color of your next shingles, consider adding a personal touch such as striking colors to improve the home’s curb appeal, and start getting multiple glances from your neighbors.  

3. Roof Shingle Colors that Blend Well in Your Neighborhood

There are some townhouses, villages, and complex run by homeowner’s associations. These associations have policies and conditions, and you must abide by them. Talk to your homeowner’s associations if you are planning on changing your shingle colors and what colors would be appropriate within the complex to avoid misunderstanding and penalties. 

4. The Best Roof Shingle Color for Your Next Roof 

To get the single most perfect shingle color for your next roof, a professional advice from the roofing experts is a must.

These roofing specialists will have the best recommendations for you that will match your house style and design, blends well within the neighborhood, and enhances the overall home curb appeal. 

When finding the right roofing professionals, go to a company that has a proven reputation, high-quality work, and services, and offers a free roofing inspection in determining your roofing problems. 

At Crazy Horse Roofing, we help you with your roofing problems in 3 easy steps:
  1. GET FREE PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION – Request for a free inspection and our roof specialist will go to your home and check for roofing damages and problems. 
  2. GET PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS – All the recommendations and advice will be coming from a skilled roofing expert, guaranteed to help solve your roofing problems.
  3. MAKE A DECISION – If you are looking for a way to keep your family safe, warm, and living comfortably under one roof, keep us a call at (970) 397-5306 or contact us online and we’ll take care of your roofing needs. 

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