9 Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts

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9 Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts

There are things better left unsaid- but when it comes to the safety and well-being of your family, it is critical to know EVERYTHING. At Crazy Horse Roofing, we want you to have a secured and worry-free roof for your whole family.

Let Your Home Roofing System Be Handled Only by the Experts!

Today, we will be talking about nine surprisingly interesting roofing facts (and hacks!) in proper installation and correct maintenance of your home roofing system that we bet you did not know about.

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #1. Did You Know that a Roof is More than Just Shingles and Woods?

It is surprising to know that homeowners think a roofing system only comprises of two components: Shingles and Woods. But the truth is, a well-made roof system has a total of 7 key elements.

  1. Roof Deck which supports the overall weight of the roof
  2. Water or Ice barrier that helps prevent damages from the winter season.
  3. Water-resistant underlayment for moisture protection of deck 
  4. Metal-flashing to make sure water pressure properly runs off the edges.
  5. Drip edge for proper water allocation along edges 
  6. Shingles which is the roof cover (materials may vary)
  7. Ventilation systems have three components, the vents, soffits, and eaves to have a proper circulation of air. 

Is your home roofing system have these seven key elements?

Have it check today!

Crazy Horse Roofing offers a Free Roof Inspection for your home roofing needs.

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #2. Did You Know that Roof Types Vary from Your Location?

Roof types vary to adapt to your country’s climates and seasons. For example, Gable roofs are best for countries that have winter or snowier climates.

On the other hand, Hipped Roofs works best in windier areas such as Chicago and Boston. 

For countries and states that have drier climates, Flat roofs are the most recommended roof type. It is also the most used roof type amongst commercial buildings across the world because of its durability and energy-efficiency.  

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #3. Did You Know that Your Roof Needs Air? 

Yup- Roofs breathe. 

The ventilation systems allow the air to circulate well. A professionally installed and well-maintained ventilation system is necessary to prevent condensation build-up in your attic, damaged insulation, wood, and roof walls. 

Is your air not circulating properly around the house? 

Avail of our Free Roof Inspection now, and our Crazy Horse Roofing experts will help you through the full process of getting your roof replaced. 

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #4. Did You Know that Covering an Existing Roof Can Cause a Big Problem?

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to fix a roof leak? And nope- Covering it will not solve your roofing problem. The truth is it can worsen your roofing issues. Double-layered roofs only add unwanted weights making it harder for your roofing deck to support it in the long run, causing more problems rather than finding a solution. 

Do you have an emergency roof problem? No worries. Crazy Horse Roofing is on its way. 

At Crazy Horse Roofing, we know roofing emergencies are unavoidable. Never worry about having a leaky roof or anything roof related that needs a repair. Give us a call and we will send out our roofing specialists to attend to your roofing needs. 

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #5. Did You Know that a DIY Roof is Not a Good Idea? 

Sure, you might have a hammer on your right hand and your toolbox on the other side getting ready to repair and fix your roof, but it is a big NO-NO.

Repairing and replacing your roofing system can only be done by experts. The roof system is complex and has layers of critical components that can only be installed by experienced roof specialists. 

Let us prevent undesirable events from happening- Our Crazy Horse Roofing experts are here to make sure your family is secured and living comfortably under one roof. 

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #6. Did You Know that You Cannot Sell a Home with Faulty Roofs?

The first thing that buyers would see once they have visited a home for sale is its façade, and a damaged, roof full of leaks, is a major turn-off for these prospective buyers. Nobody would like to buy a home that needs an expensive roof replacement unless you are willing to give them huge discounts. 

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #7. Did You that Some Roofs are Good for the Environment?

Light-colored roofs are good for the environment. These roofs have infrared and UV rays blocking capacity which acts as an additional layer of protection for your whole family. 

Climate change effects make more people feel invested in anything environmentally friendly, and these roofs are one good example.  

It is energy-efficient, helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas, and mitigates heat radiation for a safer, greener, and secured home.  

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #8. Did You Know that a Roof Only Lasts for Up to 50 Years?

Sorry to break your heart, but nothing lasts forever- and that includes your roof.

The lifespan of a roof depends on the materials used and its installation. Some have a warranty of 20 to 25 years, while a costly roofing system can last up to 50 years. 

Surprising and Interesting Roofing Facts #9. Did You Know that You Can Have a Worry-free Roof in 3 Easy Steps? 

And yup- this is not a quick-fix scheme but a hack that you should keep in mind. 

  1. Get an Inspection – The first step in preventing big roofing problems is by having it inspected by the roofing experts. 
  • Assess Your Options – Having too many options only complicate things. Only talk to roofing experts when it comes to any roof repair and replacement. 
  • Secure Your Home – Is your house ready for unforeseeable events such as heavy snow, hail, and windstorm? We want nothing but a secured and comfortable home for our family. 

Did you know that prevention is better than waiting for the worse things to happen, especially when it comes to your roof? 

Whether you are looking for a roofing specialist to have your roof checked after the latest hail or windstorm, or simply looking for a new roof. Crazy Horse Roofing is here to assist you to make the best roofing choice. 

Request for a free roof inspection today by simply calling us at (970) 397-5306 or connect with Crazy Horse Roofing Online. 

Let your roofing repair and services only be handled by our skilled professionals! 

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