5 of Fort Collins’ Most Delicious Food Trucks

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5 of Fort Collins’ Most Delicious Food Trucks

Northern Colorado has some pretty amazing food options and food trucks are a fun trend right now for a reason. They offer fast service and delicious and unique food all over town. Here are 5 of Fort Collins’ food trucks serving up mouthwatering must-try dishes.

The Waffle Lab


This Fort Collins food truck offers some of the most delicious waffles around topped with everything from the traditional powdered sugar and syrup to the unique “Northwest Special” with local honey smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and fresh dill.

The Waffle Lab’s Liege waffle is the foundation of what makes their food so special. These waffles are made with a dough instead of a batter and hidden inside the dough are sugar pearls that melt and caramelize when they are cooked giving just a slight crunch with a hint of extra sweetness.



This Fort Collins food truck serves so much more than your grandma’s macaroni & cheese. If you are stuck on the classic, they offer it, but you would be missing out on some fantastic flavor combinations. They offer Whiskey Apple Mac (cheddar. honeycrisp apples sauteed in WL Weller Special Reserve bourbon, crispy top), Lobster Mac (cheddar. diced lobster tails. corn salsa. crispy top), Raosted Veggie Mac (cheddar. roasted seasonal veggies. roasted red pepper drizzle. crispy top), and a mouth-watering Chipotle Pork Mac (cheddar. chipotle braised pork, avocado-lime drizzle. pepitas. crispy top).

Their menu changes weekly and seasonally, so you can always find something new to excite your palate.

The Rollin’ Stone Wood Fired Pizzeria


This food truck features homemade doughs and freshly made sauces made daily and they like to keep their Artisan Wood Fired Pizzas authentic by sourcing top quality flour from Naples. Their wood-fired stove makes for a flavorful finish and perfect crunch on every pizza.

You can find traditional toppings, but also more unique flavors in their daily specials like The Date (garlic infused olive oil topped with feta cheese, chopped dates, caramelized onion and hardwood smoked bacon), The Jalapeno Popper (homemade red sauce, shredded mozzarella, cream cheese, hardwood smoked bacon topped with sliced jalape?os), and The Pesto Shrimp Alfredo (fresh dough, homemade Alfredo sauce topped with organic baby spinach, baby portobello mushrooms and pesto shrimp).

They frequent Fort Collins breweries, so check their website to find the perfect place to enjoy pizza with your craft beer.

The Silver Seed


This unique Fort Collins food truck was built inside of a 1964 camper for an eye-catching retro look. They primarily use ingredients that were harvested or foraged in Colorado, which allows them to offer up local, plant-based dishes.

Feast on the Zukey Lake (roasted zucchini, basil pestor, garlic & black pepper aioli, soy mozzarella, arugula, tomato, and red onion on toasted Ingrained focaccia), the Good Trip (smokey marinated artichokes, roasted cashew cheese, garlic & black pepper aioli, arugula, tomatoe, and red onion on toasted Ingrained focaccia), or the Lily Grill Cheese (roasted cashew cheese, garlic & black pepper aioli, and sun-dried tomatoes on toasted Ingrained focaccia).



These are no ordinary corndogs. This Fort Collins food truck offers handmade sausages dipped in their own unique batter (that can even be made gluten-free!). Choose a classic dog, veggie dog, jalapeno chicken gouda, chicken cheddar brat, chorizo, andouille, or maple bacon. There’s something for everyone!

And don’t forget the sides. No traditional fries here! Instead, order the beet fries, fried brussels, or fried pickle chips.

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