How to Snow Proof Your Roof

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How to Snow Proof Your Roof

Even though Spring is trying to creep in here in Northern Colorado, snow has not left us yet. Here are some ways you can snow proof your roof to protect it from cold temperatures and heavy snow.

Snow Guards

A snow guard is a device that is used to prevent the runoff of snow and ice from falling onto people standing under the roof. They are useful for preventing damage from people, plants, and other property below from falling snow. They are designed to hold snow evenly, allowing it to gradually melt and drain into gutters.

It’s best to install these guards in the summertime because the adhering agent works much more quickly in summer temperatures than in the winter. In some situations, the guards end up piling too high and causing damage to your roof instead of preventing it, so make sure to consult a professional roofer to see if snow guards might be right for your roof.

Snow Removal

Leaving heavy snow piled up on your roof for too long can cause a lot of damage. The last thing you would want during a snowstorm is a roof leak or possibly even a collapse.

A roof rake is the best option in these cases. It may be tempting to just use a traditional snow shovel, but those are too heavy and dangerous for use on your roof and you risk doing more damage to both yourself and your roof.

You can use a roof rake from the ground, which is much safer for you. There is a long handle, allowing you to reach snow high on your roof. You want to remove most, but not all of the snow, with your roof rake. The reason you want to leave a little bit there is when you try to get every last bit, you may cause damage to your shingles or gutters.

Ice Dams

We have talked about the damage ice dams can cause before. These large buildups of ice can prevent water from draining properly from your roof, which can cause pooling, leaks, water damage, and structural damage.

The best way to snow proof your roof against ice dams is to scrape snow from your roof after a snowstorm and properly insulate and ventilate your attic.

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