Hail No! 3 Secrets on How to Deal with Hail Damaged Roof

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Hail No! 3 Secrets on How to Deal with Hail Damaged Roof

Discover 3 effective tips on how to deal with hail damaged roof. And as a homeowner, you can use these tips to mitigate hail damage

One of our greatest fears, when we heard about the news of the latest hail or windstorm, are: 

  • Is my family safe and secured?   
  • how big will it impact my properties (Crop, car, and land)? 
  • how will my insurance help me recover from hail damages?   

A recent study shows that in the United States alone, Crop and Property damage caused by hail amounts to $15 Billion, and 40% of U.S. residents claimed their insurance for their damaged properties.   

What Is a Hail Damaged Roof? 

Before we dive deeper into how to deal with hail damaged roof, let us first identify what is causes a hail-damaged roof. Hail can cause serious damages to anything outside your home. It can be a dented car, broken windows, or an exposed and leaking roof.   

However, Hail damage can vary depending on various factors: Hail size, wind direction, speed, roofing slope, materials used, and the age of your roofing system. 

In this article, we will be talking about 3 easy and effective ways on how to deal with hail damaged roof and the steps you can do to mitigate the impact of this unwanted event.

How to Deal with Hail Damaged Roof Tip#1

As a homeowner, we often neglect small hail damage. Some damage can be so small, it is almost invisible through our naked eyes. Nevertheless, it is still highly recommended to have your roof inspected after the latest hail or windstorm to check how much damage the latest hail will you be dealing with and get professional recommendations on what repair is needed.  

How to Deal with Hail Damaged Roof Tip #2

Anything bigger than a quarter (1 inch) can cause serious roof damage. It can be anything from minor exterior damage to a severe one like the hail damage experienced in IOWA with a hail size as big as 5.50 inches.  

Here are some of the specific types of roof damage caused by Hail:   

  • Granular loss on Shingles often found in your gutter. 
  • Cracked Shingles leaving uncovered spots on your roof.  
  • Shattered and Fractured Fiberglass mat 
  • Exposed self-seal strip on your shingles after a hailstorm. 

If you start noticing these initial signs of roof damage after the latest hailstorm or heard the news of the upcoming hail or windstorm, call your crazy horse roofing specialists and have your roof be ready to withstand these natural occurrences by having it inspected for free, keeping your family safe at all times.    

How to Deal with Hail Damaged Roof Tip #3

The effect of hail damage depends on various factors such as the size of the hailstone, its temperature, and the wind speed the storm brought. As small as a ¾ inch can have obvious damage on properties outside your home that includes your car, windows, and your roofing system. 

The initial signs of hail damage can be anything from a dented car, shattered windows, or a leaking roof caused by cracked shingles, damaged siding, or a dented gutter. 

The first step in determining the severity of the latest hail and how much damage it caused to your property is by having it checked by a roofing expert. 

Talk to your Crazy Hose Roofing specialist at (970) 397-5306 or contact us online and our roofing professionals will do a free roofing inspection in your home to see the roof damage caused by hail and provide you with the best possible recommendations whether it is for repair or replacement. 

In a Nutshell:

In most cases, these unforeseeable events are being taken care of by your insurance. But it is good to learn the basics on how to deal with a hail damaged roof to keep your family safe and secured, especially during these unprecedented times.

If you want to avoid the long process and the hassle of insurance claiming procedure, contact your Crazy Horse Roofing team, and we will do our best to make it easier, faster, and as convenient as possible, to fully maximize your time and let you do things you do best while keeping your whole family safe and sound.

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