Best Way to Clear Ice Dams on Roof

Best Way to Clear Ice Dams on Roof

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Best Way to Clear Ice Dams on Roof

Best Way to Clear Ice Dams on Roof

The winter months bring colder weather and lots of snow for many of us. But did you know that your home’s eaves can also accumulate a lot of ice and snow? This ice dam build-up can lead to severe roof damage or leaks if not cleared regularly.

How does an Ice dam form?

How Ice Dams Form

Icy eaves are a beautiful sight to see, but they’re also dangerous if you live in the right conditions. The same freezing weather that allows icicles to form on your roof will create ice dams which lead to serious structural damage and expensive repairs.

Here’s how it all starts. First, the heating system warms the roof by flowing through into an attic, and then the snow melts from above before trickling down to meet the part that’s below 32 degrees in temperature – where ice dams form. These are created when water freezes as soon as it’s trapped under shingles which expand with every melt cycle until they’re ready for another one; this endless repeating process causes both exterior AND interior damage over time if left unchecked.

So how do you keep your eaves clear in the winter? There are a few simple steps you can take to clear it. This blog post will outline the best way to clear an ice dam on your roof.

When do you know it’s time to clear your eaves?

You know it’s time to clear off your roof when the snowfall becomes too much. The best way is about every 6 inches of accumulation, and this will help prevent issues like cave-ins and ice dams before they happen.

How should you do it?

If you have a one-story house or an overhang that is taller than your roof, then it’s time for some serious snow removal. To clear out all those pesky northwest facing eaves (the ones with less sun), use this technique: start by raking 2-3 feet back from where they meet the edge; make sure there isn’t any furniture near these areas as well–you don’t want anything getting stuck during cleanup. Next, wave lightly across both sides until only small piles remain before scraping them off into another pile together.

What tools will you need?

The right tools will make your winter cleanup go much more smoothly and efficiently. Here are some items you should keep on hand if this situation calls attention to itself during the winter season.

  1. Snow Shovel
  2. Snow Rake
  3. Workboots
  4. Waterproof gloves

Call For a Help From Trustworthy Professionals

Clearing snow off the eaves of your roof can be done safely, but it is essential to know that this task may not always work out well. It’s necessary that you’re safe and knowledgeable about the task before trying anything on yourself, or else it could be hazardous-it is best to call in some professional help.

When you’re looking for a roofing company, there are many things to take into consideration. One crucial factor is your contractor’s experience and skill level; make sure that they have plenty before hiring them. Crazy Horse Roofing can provide both services like installation, cleaning, or repairs on properties within Colorado’s northern area – call today at (970) 397-5306.

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