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Avoid Roof Hail Damage Scams

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If you were hit hard in Greeley’s recent hail storms, don’t just hire anybody who offers to fix the damage for you. Here is how you can avoid roof hail damage scams.

Beware Of Door-to-Door Salesmen

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers out there who want to grab your money and run and they all like to come out right after a big storm making false promises. They are charming and convincing, making it sound like they can make all of your hail damage disappear…and then they are the ones who end up disappearing.Sometimes they don’t do any work on your roof at all.They might even offer to do work that your roof doesn’t need at all.Often they do poor work, because they are trying to fix as many roofs as possible in the shortest amount of time. The lifespan of your roof with their repairs does not look good.And because they tend to leave town quickly, they don’t follow through on any warranties or guarantees they may have made on their work.The prices they quote can sound appealing, but don’t be rushed into spending large amounts of money, even if they insist the work needs to be done quickly.Make sure to pay attention to their offer. If a contractor offers to pay your insurance deductible or offers other no-cost incentives, these can be signs of fraud.

Find A Local BBB Accredited Roofer

Instead of falling for what sounds like an easy and appealing offer, do your research. Finding a local roofer is beneficial since they will be around to follow through on the promises they make about the quality of their work.And make sure the roofer you find is Better Business Bureau accredited. The BBB offers a hail damage website with resources for you to avoid falling for roof hail damage scams, as well. There is even a scam tracker that alerts you when there has been a scam reported in your area so that you can be on high alert.The other reason to find a BBB accredited roofer is to make your life easier. Our company, Crazy Horse Roofing, serves Northern Colorado, but we don’t just repair your roof. We deal with all of the paperwork with your insurance company, as well. That saves you hours of time, phone calls, and headaches.

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Get Quality Inspection and Recommendation Whether Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement