4 Best Roofing Materials for Your Home

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4 Best Roofing Materials for Your Home

As a homeowner, it is critical to choose the best roofing materials for your home. Your roof acts as your main protector against extreme weather conditions such as snow, hail, rain, ice dams, and other events that may cause damage to your roof.  

Roofs occupy approximately 40% of your home exterior; If you are planning on selling it, this can lower down the property value and is lowers the overall home curb appeal.  

If your home is experiencing a sudden roof leak within your walls and ceilings, it’s time to have it inspected by your roofing specialists. 

When left unattended for a long period, chances are – it will develop molds with an unwanted smell, water stains, and a sudden spike in your energy bills.

Crazy Horse Roofing is here to guide you in avoiding these roofing problems from happening by helping you pick the best possible choices when selecting the best roofing material for your home.

When selecting a roof type, keep these in mind:  

  • Regional Climate  
  • Local Building and Fire Codes  
  • Budget/ Cost  

Listed in this article are the 4 best roofing materials and why should you need them for your home:

Best Roofing Materials #1: Asphalt Shingles      

Shingles are the most popular roofing materials known in the United States. 4 out of 5 homeowners think that a roofing system only comprises two components – Shingles and wood.  

On the contrary, a well-composed roofing system has 7 key components that support one another, and shingle is one of them. Shingles are commonly known as roof coverings and are made from fiberglass base tousled in asphalt and finished with mineral granule coatings, resulting in a sturdy and durable roof covering. 

There are 2 types of Asphalt Shingles:  

  • Traditional 3-tab Shingles – For homeowners that are looking for an affordable alternative, these are their top choices. It is usually built from a single layer.  
  • Architectural Shingles – These shingles are preferred by homeowners that have an extra budget due to their durability and variety of designs. It is usually made of 2-3 layers.  

If you already have decided what type of Asphalt Shingle you want to use for your home, or you still need a professional recommendation on what works best for your home, give us a call and our Crazy Horse Roofing will provide you with a valuable recommendation and expert advice for your next roof. 

Best Roofing Materials #2: Roof Slate 

Roof slate is known for its industrial aesthetic look that is often mistakenly referred to as tiles. Roof tiles are created from clay and concrete while slate is a natural rock that has been mined and cut into thin sheets ideal for a modern-style roof and wall coverings.  

Slate can easily be recognized because of its distinctive dark-gray color, which can vary depending on where it was excavated from and is one of the single most durable roof materials there is, lasting up to 100 years.

There are three quality ratings of a natural slate roofing name as follows: S1, S2, and S3 and are graded according to American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) standards. 

S1 is the popular choice because of its numerous benefits and highest quality: 

  • Durability 
  • Water Resistance 
  • Low water absorption (can withstand extreme freezing temperature)
  • The minimum lifespan of more than 75 years.

S2 and S3 almost have the same benefits to S1 with lower warranty and quality. S2 has 40-75 years while S3 has a 20-40 expected lifespan. 

Choosing the best slate can be tricky sometimes, if you want to make the right choice, ask for an expert recommendation from Crazy Horse Roofing and we will be sending out our experienced roofing specialists to have your roof inspected for FREE and give the best possible choices suited to your roofing needs. 

Best Roofing Materials #3: Metal Roof

Metal roofs are known for their durability due to the nature of their medium. It is usually made of either a galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper.  

One of the significant advantages metal roofing provides is its longevity over the traditional roofing that has been widely used in the early days.

Some of the benefits of having a metal roof:

  • Reduce heat from the attic.
  • Provides better air circulation.
  • Helps in lowering your energy consumption. 

If you are looking for long-lasting yet low in maintenance work, go for a metal roof that can last up to 50 years (depending on materials used), energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Are you thinking of replacing your next roof with a metal roof? 

Simply give us a call at Crazy Horse Roofing, and we will be sending out a roofing specialist to answer any of your roofing questions and provide you with the best possible choices and expert recommendations.  

Best Roofing Materials #4: Clay Tile Roof 

Clay tile roofs are often used in Southwestern and Mediterranean-style houses because of their traditional aesthetic looks. It is naturally beautiful, durable, and light-weighted.  

Clay tile roofs are also known to have numerous benefits such as: 

  • Strong water resistance – prevents molds and insect damages. 
  • Environmentally-friendly- Made from pulverized earth minerals.  
  • Energy efficiency – Offer better home insulation (Cooler indoor temperature) 
  • Low maintenance – very durable and long-lasting, lifespan can go up to 100 years.  
  • Variety of choices – It has a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles to complement your home style and design, enhancing your home curb appeal.  

However, clay tile roof also has its cons: 

  • When handled improperly, tiles can become brittle especially when exposed to heavy impacts and high pressures.  
  • Ideal only for roofs with sharp slopes 
  • Difficulty in Installations  

Roofing installation requires experts’ hands from the roofing professionals with extensive experience in installing, repairing, or replacing your roofing system.


Remember to never entrust the safety of your family by doing a DIY roof installation just to save some money. It can cost you thousands of dollars when done improperly.  

Whether you are experiencing a small leak, preparing for the upcoming hail or windstorm, or just want to have your roof replaced to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home’s visual exterior- Crazy Horse Roofing got you covered! 

We Provide 3 Easy Ways to Get a Worry-free Roof

  1. Get Roof Free Inspections
  2. Get Expert Recommendations on Materials, Repair, or Replacement
  3. Evaluate Your Options Based on Our Experts’ Recommendations

BONUS: We also provide help in making your insurance claim process faster, easier, and convenient. 

For your roofing problems and concerns, Crazy Horse Roofing is your Northern Colorado roofer of choice. Give us a call at (970) 397-5306 or reach-out to us online and never worry about any roofing concerns again.  

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